Knowing that exercising brings amazing benefits to the body, soul and mind.... I didn’t have any doubt that I needed to find a vehicle to be able to help people all around the world.

....and from this passion,

 Yoana Online Fitness was born!​

who I AM

i believe THAT fitness CAN BE ACHIEVEABLE AND affordable for everyone!



Yoana is an unique kettlebell coach.  I’ve trained with her for 8 months now.  She brings an awesome combination of a positive attitude combined with extensive knowledge of kettlebell and physical fundamentals.  When I train with her I know I’m going to be pushed to my limits, while being supported with the safest, best instruction possible– Eric Lloyd

​"I know Yoana since almost 2 years ago. The first impression you get from her is her positive vibe: she always welcomes you with a smile on her face that makes you feel you know her since forever. When you get close to her, her physical strength strikes you: you can't believe how strong she is (which explains why she won the TSC two years in a row).
I have had the opportunity to attend the SF Kettlebell course and have her as instructor twice. Every single time her encyclopedic knowledge of not only the SF principles (progressions, regressions, drills, etc.) has blown me away. That's why I have decided to move on and take online personal training with her and I couldn't be happier with the results. First thing she does is identify mobility problems and injuries and focus on correcting those before anything: safety first. The personalized training programs she designed for me have helped me to get rid of injuries and pain that I have had since years before. My improvements in mobility, flexibility and strength have been fantastic. She is always attentive of your progress and ready to answer any question you may have.
I can honestly say that Yoana is one of the best coaches all across LATAM and I cannot recommend her enough. You won't regret it!"
- José Luis Reyes

Some of the toughest trainers I had are women.  (Nothing against you guys!!)  Yoana Teran definitely fits into that category but it's not just about being tough.  She is very knowledgeable and truly care about you and your fitness.  She always strives to help you perfect your form, (to avoid injury), and to achieve your personal fitness goals. She proves that you can do what you never thought you could.  

– Cammie Formo,Team Leader SportClips



GREAT PROGRAM DESIGN DOESN'T HAVE TO COME AT A HIGH PRICE. YOANAONLINEFITNESS IS DESIGNED TO TAKE THE GUESSWORK out of creating workouts so you can deliver fast results for you and/or clients with a minimal time investment

Yoana Teran

Yoana, StrongFirst Team Leader SFTL, Ground Force Method & PT, is a native Venezuelan that has inspired, trained, designed programs, given nutritional consulting and rehabilitated hundreds of people for more than 15 years. Her passion for helping people is evident in her up tempo, dynamic, fun and Latin teaching style.

She received a Physical Therapy Degree from the University of Caracas in Venezuela and then owned and operated her own therapy clinic. She went on to own and manage two corporate gyms for the largest Bank and Private Company in Venezuela.

Her career involves years of radio and television production, organization of sporting events, and Seminars.

She won The National Tactical Strength Challenge 2005 and 2006 Women’s Division.

Selected Top 10 National RKC Instructor.

​Author of the “Kettlebell Mommy™” Manual designed to guide, encourage and teach pregnant women how to stay fit & healthy while pregnant.

Co-Author of the “Revolution Kettlebell Fat Loss Program” Book and DVD Series. This book and DVD series is a 12 week training and nutrition program designed to transform people’s physique and transform their health, co-Author of the “Quick Results Kettlebell Workout” DVD designed to boost endurance, strength and cardio conditioning, co-author of the “Revolution Solution” Combining Ropes & Kettlebells for Maximum Fitness & Fat Loss and co- Author of “Kettlebells en Español” DVD.

Certifications and some educational accomplishments: 

* Physical Therapist (PT)
* Strong First Team Leader (SFTL)
* Strong First Ketlebell Instructor (SFG I & II)
* Strong First Bodyweight Instructor (SFB)
* Primal Move Certified Instructor (PM)
* Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Instructor (RKC)
* Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Team Leader (RKCTL)
* Physical Consultant and Contractor for Empresas Polar
* Fitwall Consultant
* Fitness Consultant and Producer segment for Television Channel Univision.


10/10 Passionate and caring.... By Gad Shaanan / La Jolla, CA
One of the key reasons why I still keep coming back is because Yoana knows how to push you beyond your thoughts of what your limits are, and at the same time being cautius and aware of your body.
We joke a lot during training but the time spent is nothing but serious.
I trust Yoana with my well being, what else is there to say?

10/10 SUPERSTAR! By Dave & Libby / La Jolla, CA
Yoana is a great trainer! She is very gifted at teaching and motivating her students while at the same time keeping things fun! Yoana’s fitness/life philosophy really works and will take you to the next level of truly “functional” fitness…

10/10 SUPERB By Robert / La Jolla, CA
No trainer will ever care for your well being and success as much as Yoana. She truly worries about your progress. To this end she brings her wealth of knowledge, her superb training methods, and most of all she is a real life example of what a fit person needs to do to succeed. She trains by example, she ensures your success by working you to the max. You train hard for her, to show her that you can. She is the best trainer in the USA. An inspiration.

10/10 I have never enjoyed working out. By Tim K. / La Jolla, CA
I have always struggled with any workout routine I have tried until I met Yoana.
In the 6 months since I have been attending her classes (2 times a week) I have lost 44 lbs., 5 pant sizes, 15% body fat and have never felt this fit in my life. I look forward to her classes and love how I feel after.
Thank you Yoana.

10/10 Great training and Spanish lessons too! By Nancy Knowlton / La Jolla, CA
Yoana is a wonderful trainer and I have worked with her for a number of years. Every day is different and tailored to your needs, with a nice mix of activities that work on strength, aerobic endurance, balance, and flexibility (with a bit of massage as well at the end :-). She pushes you hard, but is also sensitive to not going beyond your limits. She is also just fun to spend an hour with, and she has been great for keeping my Spanish up. She has my highest recommendation for sure!!!

By Katy Taylor / San Diego, CA
I started training with Yoana during my senior year of college. The stress of school and life in general had made getting into a healthy routine difficult I needed someone to help me get back on track. Yoana did just that. We started training twice a week and worked on developing a nutrition plan that I could actually be successful with. I really just wanted to feel fit and be able to hike, paddleboard, and bike without feeling out of shape.
Yoana could not have been a more perfect coach for me.After only a few weeks with her I was already feeling stronger. I had never touched a kettlebell before training with Yoana and now I cannot imagine working out without them. Yoana’s kind heart and positive attitude made training fun and I looked forward to our sessions each week. Not only has training with Yoana given me a fitness routine that I actually want to stick to, but also it has made me feel confident in myself. I can now say I am a stronger, healthier, and happier person and I cannot thank Yoana enough for everything she has done for me.

​10/10 Wonderful! By Peter / California
My wife and I just took our first beginner kettlebell class with Yoana and she was fantastic! Warm, friendly, enthusiastic, and relentless! Loved it. Very focused on form, correct technique, and intensity. Highly highly recommend. We look forward to continuing our training with Yoana and her team at Revolution Fitness.

10/10 The most fabulous trainer in the world!!!! By Rich and Dawn / La Jolla, San Diego, California
Yoana is at the least inspirational, and at best a fantastic human being. She is a delight to work with, even though you suffer for days and days after a session with her, you can’t wait to go back to the torture. She has a very loyal following, show up week upon week to through lead balls around, and run down the street.
If you remember “the 300”, you have a good idea about the classes.
We are all looking forward to the birth of the next generation of “super trainers”
Yoana is simply the best…

Yoana is truly an extraordinary trainer simply because she has a unique background that gives her superb qualifications to make her clients work very hard yet always coming back and wanting more and more.
She has trained me for over five years and my session with her is the highlight of my week because I trust her. I am always impressed how she tailors and personalizes each segment, routine and session. She really knows her craft and how to use it to bring about improvement with children, adults and seniors.

10/10 Most Inspirational By Michael Maher / La Jolla, California
Yoana has an extensive knowledge of health and fitness. She has been my personal trainer for more than five years and has been the driving force behind me exceeding my strength, balance and coordination goals. In the field of highly qualified personal trainers, Yoana is in a class by herself. Her workout routine is the highlight of my day.

Thanks to Yoana, I have been inspired to be and do my personal best. Yoana has worked diligently with me over the last seven months, helping me to achieve what physical therapy did not — a knee strong enough to walk miles and miles without pain. I can also lift weights I never imagined I could lift. In addition to her physical strength and her superior knowledge of exercise technique, Yoana has an amazing spirit. She is a warm, generous, compassionate and open person who I feel privileged to know. Thank you, Yoana!

10/10 Pound for pound the strongest person I know By Philippe / Los Angeles, CA
Some guys may have more absolute strength, but pound for pound, I am amazed by what Yoana can do.
And she’s so sweet doing it too, not even showing off. Like watching an angel train.
Then she trains you, and she unleashes hell… Without breaking a sweat. That’s when you say to yourself “I gotta do this!”

10/10 Yoana is an amazing instructor, mother and inspiration! By Katie Houlihan / San Francisco, CA
I had the pleasure of meeting Yoana over the labor day weekend. I had already been using kettlebells for about a year before meeting her. Yoana was able to provide me a few pointers that changed my entire approach and experience with kettlebells. She also designed a special program for me for my pregnancy, separated by trimester. She is an amazing, thoughtful and knowledgeable person. And so strong too! I wish I lived in San Diego so I could train with her ever week.

10/10 Even Motivates Me! By Lara M / San Diego, CA
I HATE exercising. But Yoana is the only person ever who has made me want to work out. Since doing her class, I sleep better, I eat better, and I feel better in general. Oh, and I can see muscles! She has been so patient with me as I am a little weaker than I realized! But I am getting there, thanks to her help! It’s an hour of cardio and weightlifting, so it’s efficient too and much better than spending hours and hours at a gym. Given how sore I am weekly, it’s certainly effective. Thanks Yoana!

10/10 Yoana: Very Attentive to Detail By Marcella King / San Diego, CA
Yoana is an excellent instructor. She is able to teach a class to a group of people and is still able to see each person’s different level in class and guide each person differently based on it. She is also able to correct and help each person as needed, so we always feel that we are being “taken care of” and that we are doing the exercises correctly. She will also push us to do harder, knowing our limits! Taking her class is always a pleasure even though it is a hard work out out each time. Yoana’s classes are very effective!

10/10 Inspires me to be a better trainer/person By Rosanna Akers, M.A., C.S.C.S. / Clovis, CA USA
We have only met in person once, but it was enough to inspire me for as long as I work in the fitness industry and beyond. As a 30 something trainer with the thought of having kids someday looming over my head, by example Yoana has enforced it in me that I can continue to be effective and fit as a trainer even during pregnancy. Yes, she is highly skilled at her craft. Yes, she is super motivating and encouraging. Yes, she leads by example. All of this is true whether or not she is a woman, but I have to admit that after interacting with her at a workshop she has made me even more proud to be a strong woman in this industry who will someday be a strong mother.

10/10 A Workout Like No Other By Karyn / San Diego, CA
I had been working out in a traditional gym and seeing a personal trainer with minimal results prior to trying Yoana’s kettlebell class. After the first class with her, I was hooked. Her workouts were just what I needed to challenge me, and they do every time! She changes the exercises and routines, so classes are never boring or repetitive, and I always look forward to them. Yoana really cares about her clients and her enthusiasm for what she does is extremely motivating. Since I started working out with kettlebells, I’ve noticed that my overall strength has increased, and I’ve also seen improvements in my running. Yoana’s classes are amazing, I doubt I’ll ever go back to regular gym workouts!

10/10 Yoana is an energetic-great kettlebell coach! By Jan / San Diego, CA
Yoana is so energetic… What a great kettlebell coach! She keeps me pumped up thru the entire session, no matter how grueling the drills. Every routine is different-‘Cross-Fit’ style. It’s never boring. Sometimes I don’t know how I’ll make it thru the whole session, but I feel sooo energized after it’s over, like I could go run 10 miles. Kettlebell drills are so much fun!! I’ve only been training on kettlebells for one month, but with Yoana’s superb technique & expert training skills, I already feel increased strength & vitality! With her physical therapy background & exceptional kettlebell skills, I feel confident that I will be safely & effectively trained to use kettlebells to my best advantage. If you want to get strong & toned, try kettlebells with Yoana!

10/10 Powerful perfection By Dr. Mark Cheng, RKC TL / Los Angeles, CA USA –
If you want to meet someone who truly matches actions with words, get down to San Diego & book a session with Yoana. She was training with high endurance kettlebell protocols even in her 9th month of pregnancy, and almost immediately after the birth of her daughter, returned to work and travel… even travelling to San Jose to teach at the RKC workshop as an unscheduled instructor!
High quality, high motivation, high integrity.

10/10 She is terrific and awesome! By Jodi Wallace / La Jolla, CA
I started working out and was so pleasantly amazed with Yoana’s enthusiasim and ability as a trainer. She motivates her students and is in such wonderful shape herself it naturally motivates one to want to do their best. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to see their strength ability go through the roof!

10/10 Very inspirational and motivating By Lauren Brooks, B.S., RKC, CCN / Encinitas, CA
Yoana is an amazing instructor. She is fun, creative, and a great person. She is one of the most physically strong women I know. It just goes to show you that you can do anything you put your mind to. She will prove that over and over again!
Yoana ia great!

10/10 Contagious personality By SSgt Philip Davis / Nellis AFB, NV
Yoana is the type of person that will make you smile even when you’re having a bad day. You only need to spend a few minutes with her to realize that she cares about each and every individual she meets. She is a geniunely nice person which can be hard to find these days. On top of all that she remains in top physical condition and inspires her students by being the example to follow. Her expertise in strength and conditioning is at the top of the industry. She takes the time to understand your goals and will tailor your routine to ensure that you meet those goals and beyond.
She is the best!!

10/10 Life-Changing By Laney Alexander / La Jolla, CA
Yoana motivates her clients to be healthy. She is a knowledgable professional who changes the lives of everyone she trains. Yoana has made a tremendous impact on my well being.

10/10 Amazing! By John Maher / San Diego
Yoana is professional and personal. She has developed perfect training techniques for all levels. Her excellent training sessions are inspiring and motivational. She keeps me fit and healthy both physically and spiritually. Yoana is Amazing!

10/10 A Trainer’s Trainer! By Jen Peters / San Diego, CA
From the first day I met Yoana, I knew she was an amazing inspiration, since then she has taken my training to a whole new level! As an athlete and trainer myself, I have to praise her for all she has shared with me that has not only enhanced my performance but has also given me valuable education that I can now share with my students. Making the drive from across the complete other side of the city to meet with Yoana has been worth every second of freeway traffic! I am PROUD to say Yoana is a world class trainer and friend!

10/10 AWESOME TRAINER- SPECTACULAR MENTOR!! By J. Renee Sprehe / Jacksonville, NC
Training with Yoana was fun, challenging, and motivating. Yoana was my team leader at the RKC in June and it was SO great to have such an awesome female to train with. She taught me so much, and the things that I learned from her laid the groundwork for me to expand upon my kettlebell training in every way imaginable. Imploring the techniques and attitude that she teaches has allowed me to better myself and the people I train. I have yet to meet anyone (male or female) who has the enthusiasm, personality, and encouraging attitude as Yoana! As my team leader at the RKC to being someone I look to for advice now- she has always been right there (even though we are literally across the U.S. from each other) to support and encourage!!

10/10 EXCEPTIONAL!! By Fay R. / Bonita, CA
Yoana is an exceptional fitness trainer. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, she trains with a lot of enthusiasm, demonstrates each exercise, and shows a sincere interest in wanting to help me achieve my goals. Although challenging, Yoana’s customized programs allow me to easily learn exercise techniques so I can get results.

10/10 RKC Courtesy At Its Best By Vincent Mays, RKC / Santa Clara, CA USA
While working away from home in San Diego, I was in need of a workout and the use of some Kettlebells. So I took Yoana up on their invitation to visit her fitness center in La Jolla, CA. Well needless to say, Yoana invited me to attend their 6PM class at no cost. I accepted and got the workout of my life, next to my RKC weekend of course. Yoana challenged the class and me during the entire workout. His ability to motivate and encourage the class during tough sets was exceptional. She is a world-class trainer. She showed me the best hospitality I have ever experienced at a privately owned fitness center. She opened up her business to me in the fullest and offered support in enhancing my own business, my website, and much more. She showed courtesy like no one else, truly world-class person.

10/10 Simply The Best! By Dave Irwin / La Jolla
Once you get past the fabulous personality, you realize what a unique trainer she is. Working with her three days a week I have not repeated a class. She motivates you to levels you do not reach with other trainers. Working with her husband Franz who is also a trainer, they form a team that is unmatchable. Revolution Fitness will always be in the fitness forefront.

10/10 TRULY DEDICATED & CARES FOR PEOPLE By Nacho Garcia III / Palm Springs, CA
I just want to give my thank you’s to Yoana for being who she is! I’ve been around gyms all my life and I’ve never experienced anything like her, she is in a class of her own which is a commitment of excellence when it comes from her. The passion she has to help people is amazing, to focus on ourselves to become better fit in every which way is awesome! I started working out at her gym when it first opened up and my eye’s were opened up to a whole new world of working out and thinking about your body. As a 42 year old person back when I first started I felt I got in the best shape of my life by following the way of training what Yoana does is first class training wanting & really caring for people to do well for their life style. It would be very difficult for me to go back to the conventional way of training and most people don’t even have a clue about this method that Yoana has opened up to the community were she lives and trying to get the word out to all, to give them at least 8 weeks and you will be very happy and see results like never before as long as you are dedicated & honest with yourself about listening to what Yoana will teach you. She is an amazing person with a big heart for people to reach their goals when it comes to Fitness. She definitely belongs with all the celebrity trainers that are involved in making Hollywood stars who they are in their appearance to the public. She will always be my truly superstar Trainer for sure! Just go for it & you will see for yourself and what kind of person she is, for her to be in a Class of her own.
Thank you very much for who you are & what you do!
Love Sincerely
Nacho Garcia III

10/10 Keeps you coming back for more By Carol B. / La Jolla, CA
I have been trainng with Yoana in classes for almost two years. She is an inspirational leader who really knows her stuff. She can control a group of type A people, keep us on task and challenge each individual to reach and exceed their own goals. She is also a warm and caring individual and working out is always fun (but not too much!!) Everyone loves to work out with Yoana!​​

You have taught me the difference between "working out" and "training." Every class of yours that I attend, I learn something new and valuable about form and training technique. Not only do your classes provide strength training and conditioning, you have also introduced me to primal movements and the importance of being able to manipulate my own body weight through flexibility. I truly value everything that you have to say and teach me, and I am so grateful to have met you and to have you as a coach.
Thank you for being my inspiration,

I am very lucky to have taken Yoana's Kettlebell classes.  She is not only very knowledgeable but takes the time to make sure that each and every student has the right form and pushes us to our limits.  I am a lot stronger after just a couple of months with her training and I can see a huge improvement in my core and my lower back.

Esperanza Walle